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Depression Symptoms
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Depression Symptoms

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A depressed person is always depressed. There is a smile on their face, but it is also fleeting. After that, sadness appears on the face again. If asked about it, they avoid talking. They want to be alone for a long time. Stay away from crowds of people and prefer to be locked in a room.

Depression reduces a person's ability to function effectively due to the emotional and physical consequences of the disease. Some of the symptoms of depression are:

Mental symptoms:

In mental symptoms, people feel sad and helpless. Not only that, they often blame themselves for any incident.

Physical Symptoms:

Physical symptoms include depression and fatigue. They speak in a very slow voice. Their sleep patterns also vary. Types like waking up late at night and not getting up early in the morning.

Social Symptoms:

When it comes to social symptoms, such people avoid contact with people and friends. They also avoid participating in many social events. They also change their daily habits. They do not feel comfortable spending time with family.

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Oliver Parker
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