What is a boss gift? | HEALTH-SHARE Forum
A boss gift is a representation of the heart and sincerity that you want to convey to the recipient. You have to really pay attention, be careful, and be careful in choosing gifts and giving gifts, it will show your understanding and sophistication through the gift. https://quatangmavang24k.vn/qua-tang-sep/ Giving a luxurious and high-class gift will not be as important as giving the right gift that the recipient likes or needs it at the right time. So you need to know the preferences and needs of the recipient. https://quatangmavang24k.vn/qua-tang-sep-nam/ The way to give gifts is even more important, there is an old saying “Giving is not as important as giving”, so you should find the right time to give and choose the right occasion to avoid bad words from colleagues. It is best to show sincerity from the heart in the way you give. You will make a good impression on your bosses, especially giving gifts to male bosses in the company. https://quatangmavang24k.vn/qua-tang-sep-nu/ Frequently asked questions about gifts for bosses Should you give your boss a gift? No one forces you or any employee to give your boss a gift on any occasion. In fact, giving gifts when you don’t need them can look like you’re trying to bribe your boss. And giving your boss an inappropriate gift can make your boss feel uncomfortable. What gifts should not be given to a male boss? Do not give your boss gifts that are too personal such as jewelry, clothes, perfume when you do not know the preferences and personality of your boss. In addition, you should not give gifts that are too sensitive such as shorts, underwear, .. Should you give your boss wine? Absolutely if your boss is a big drinker. Wine can be the perfect choice because it can be used daily, promotes health and prevents skin aging. Surely your boss will see your interest when receiving this gift 
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