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Gift giving is an art. Giving gifts to your boss requires even more sophistication. Only then can you build a good relationship with your boss. At the same time, a gift for your boss will send you the best wishes and thanks. This article will “tip” you to note when choosing gifts for your boss .

Birthday gifts for Female Boss

Meaningful female boss birthday gifts always require sophistication and high aesthetics. If you are wondering what to give your female boss for her birthday, let’s consult with Phuc Tuong Gold for unique and impressive gift products.

  • Female boss birthday gift – Gold-plated pen

The gold-plated pen is a gift of great value and practical use; Indispensable office supplies. When you give your boss this gift every time he uses the pen to successfully sign valuable contracts; then you will be the first to be remembered thanks to the pen. There is nothing better than when you achieve success, you are the one that your boss remembers.

cắm bút tượng dê mạ vàng

  • Feng shui 3D lotus flower painting – meaningful female boss birthday gift

The image of the lotus flower is inherently close to the Vietnamese people; This is a flower that complements the source of vitality and vitality for the homeowner’s living space. The lotus flower has many profound meanings in feng shui; is a symbol of the bar high, escapism; live in the mud without the foul smell of mud; Still beautiful and pure. When displaying a lotus painting, the space will become cozy, pure and light; help to get rid of worries, calm mind, peace and happiness. This is a very meaningful gift for a female boss on her birthday

Ghost painting of lotus flowers

  • 24k gold inlaid orchid flower pot

Orchids are loved by their gentle fragrance along with their noble, elegant and beautiful beauty. A flower that can bring a lot of luck, fortune, prosperity, and dispel evil spirits in the house. It also has the ability to attract positive energy, bring wealth and complete joy. In addition, orchids are also a symbol of love. It brings balance energy; help and seek perfection in any area of ​​human life. Therefore, the gilded orchid pot is suitable as a gift for the female boss on her birthday, grand opening or happy day.

24k gold plated orchid orchids

Hopefully, the suggestions on the top birthday gifts for female bosses at Phuc Tuong GOLD will help you choose the most meaningful birthday gifts for female bosses. In addition, PHUC TONG GOLD also provides thousands of other high-end, gold-plated gift products. Visit our website to find out right away. You have search needs; buy female boss birthday gifts at Phuc Tuong Gold. Please contact us for the best quote. Receive ship code in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, all provinces across the country. Customers check before paying.(*) Receive orders inlaid with gold, gold-plated on request, at the cheapest price.

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