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No one forces you or any employee to give your boss a gift on any occasion. In fact, giving gifts when you don’t need them can look like you’re trying to bribe your boss. And giving your boss an inappropriate gift can make your boss feel uncomfortable.

Birthday gifts for Nam Boss

Male boss birthday gifts are often meaningful gifts in terms of feng shui, with material and spiritual values. Male boss birthday gifts often mean peace, happiness, and convenience on the way to business. Some samples of male boss birthday gifts are a model of a sailboat, a successful painting, a gilded stick… Qua tang sinh nhat sep nam

  • Sailboat gift for male boss birthday

Sailboats are often referred to as business boats; loved by businesses and merchants. Because, sailing boat symbolizes going out to sea, even when facing rough waves. The captain will lead his teammates and the boat back safely, not backing down from difficulties and storms. This is a meaningful birthday gift for the Boss; Compare the boss as a captain who leads employees in work, doing business smoothly, with smooth sailing.

picture of a boat with smooth sailing

  • Gifts Unique code for success – buy meaningful birthday gifts for male bosses

Horses are animals familiar with human life since ancient times. Not only that, the Horse also participates in battles because of its toughness and strength, the strength to overcome all challenges without retreating. That’s why Horses are loved by businesses and companies. When you give a picture or a statue of a successful Horseman to your boss on his birthday, it is like wishing him a strong and resilient boss. Having much will and strength to overcome all difficulties; achieve the expected success. If you are wondering to buy a birthday gift for your male boss, this is the best gift.

  • Gifts Eagle Wings – give birthday gifts to male boss

Eagle is considered a mascot that has an influence on human cultural life. Eagles have a strong personality and desire to live. The eagle is a symbol of strength, courage and immortality. The image of the Eagle spreading its wings represents the truth of life about overcoming difficult challenges; to reach the destination successfully. This is also a representative of the bravery of a gentleman, a man in his career. That’s why the birthday gift template for Boss Nam – Eagle with golden wings is very suitable for Boss.

Winged eagle painting

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