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It is best to show sincerity from the heart in the way you give. You will make a good impression on your bosses, especially giving gifts to male bosses in the company. Qua tang sinh nhat sep

Boss birthday gifts

The current high-class boss birthday gifts are gifts of gilded sailboats, gifts of gilded carp, gifts of successful unique paintings, gifts of gilded mascot statue … These are all A meaningful gift with both material and spiritual value, is the most suitable feng shui gift for your boss.

1. Boss birthday gift: Gold-plated sailboat

Sailboats are often referred to as business boats; loved by businesses and merchants. Because sailing ships symbolize going out to sea, even when facing rough winds. Still returning unharmed, not backing down from difficulties and storms. This is a meaningful birthday gift for a male boss to do business; and the boss’s business smoothly and smoothly.

A picture of a smooth sailing picture A painting of a smooth sailing

Birthday gifts: Paintings – Unique and successful Horse Statues

Horses are animals familiar with human life since ancient times. Not only that, the Horse also participates in battles because of its toughness and strength, the strength to overcome all challenges without retreating. That’s why Horses are loved by businesses and companies. When you give a picture or statue of a successful Horseman to your boss, it is like wishing your boss is always strong. Having much will and strength to overcome all difficulties; suitable as a birthday gift for the boss; housewarming, grand opening or New Year greetings.

successful unique painting

Birthday gift: Gold-plated double carp painting

The story “Carp overcame the dragon subject to turn into a dragon” talks about the image of the Carp, the mascot that has overcome 3 levels of fierce waves to transform into the most noble dragon species, capable of calling rain and calling the wind. Therefore, the carp is considered a symbol of success and luck. People who do business or do business are very fond of owning the carp symbol; Sacred animals have the ability to banish miasma and bring luck and success to them.

beautiful carp painting gilded

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