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With just a little observance, you can choose the right gift. A simple suggestion for you to imagine, if your boss is a person who values ​​feng shui, you can choose feng shui statues, feng shui paintings as gifts

Beautiful and delicate retirement female boss gifts

Unlike male bosses, retirement gifts for female bosses always require high aesthetics and sophistication. At the same time, the retired boss is usually in the middle age; They always want to live in peace, love to decorate their living space. Therefore, feng shui gifts or high-class gold-plated and gold-plated paintings will be the perfect choice for them.

  • 3D feng shui lotus painting

The image of the lotus flower is inherently close to the Vietnamese people; This is a flower that supports a source of vitality and strong vitality for the home’s living space.

The lotus flower has many profound meanings in feng shui; is a symbol of the bar high, escapism; live in the mud without the foul smell of mud; Still beautiful and pure. When displaying a lotus painting, the space will become cozy, pure and light; help to get rid of worries, calm mind, peace and happiness. This is a very meaningful gift for a retired female boss to give to her boss.

gilded lotus painting

  • Painting of cranes inlaid with gold

The picture of a flamingo suggests a peaceful and prosperous life; Pine cranes are reunited like children and grandchildren are reunited, happy. Painting brings positive energy to the house. Helping family life become happy, healthy, peaceful. This is a gift that is loved by many middle-aged people, especially women. At the same time, the picture as your wish to your boss when he retires will always be healthy, peaceful and full of happiness.

paintings of pine cranes

  • Paintings of the nine fishes of the assembly

According to feng shui theory, the carp is also the most powerful “water stimulant” of all mascots. Therefore, the image of carp is used a lot to make pictures, statues and symbolic objects in the house. The meaning is to help the owner attract wealth and prosperity. this gift has both high aesthetic value to decorate the house; has a very good feng shui meaning. Surely your female boss loves it,

What age is the lotus carp painting suitable for?

  • Painting of bamboo inlaid with gold

Bamboo is a plant that is very close to human life. The shape of the body is tall, slender, with each segment as showing the upright, resilient, noble, incorruptible character… Choosing this gift as a gift for a retired female boss as a thank you and respect for her child boss during the past time. At the same time, the gift for a retired female boss also has a profound feng shui meaning; Brings good luck, banishes evil spirits, brings peace.

Painting of bamboo inlaid with gold

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