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A gift is a representation of the heart and sincerity that you want to convey to the recipient. You have to be really attentive, thoughtful, careful in how to choose gifts and how to give them, it will show your understanding and sophistication through the gift. Qua tang sep nu

Beautiful and meaningful female boss gift samples

You don’t know what to give your female boss; You should spend an appropriate amount of money to choose a gift that makes your boss happy. Phuc Tuong Gold wants to share with you delicate, highly aesthetic gifts worthy of your female boss. Gifts for senior female bosses always focus on elegance and nobility – typical symbols of women. The beautiful and meaningful female boss gift samples are high-end pens; or table flower paintings, lotus flowers, lotus plants … Many other products will make your boss satisfied.

  • 1. Female Boss Gift – Gold-plated pen plug

Pen plug is a gift that has both great value and practical use; indispensable office supplies. When you give your boss this gift every time he uses the pen to successfully sign valuable contracts; then you will be the first to be remembered thanks to the pen. There’s nothing better than when you achieve success, you’re the one your boss remembers. Indeed, this is a meaningful female boss gift that anyone should buy.

gilded goat statue pen

  • Feng shui 3D lotus painting – Thoughtful female boss gifts

The image of the lotus flower is inherently close to the Vietnamese people; This is a flower that supports a source of vitality and strong vitality for the home’s living space. The lotus flower has many profound meanings in feng shui; is a symbol of the bar high, escapism; live in the mud without the foul smell of mud; Still beautiful and pure. When displaying a lotus painting, the space will become cozy, pure and light; help to get rid of worries, calm mind, peace and happiness.

lotus painting

Why should you buy a female boss gift?

Cultural characteristics in the workplace or office environment where there is a female boss, gift giving is indispensable on special occasions of the year; eg: International Women’s Day, Vietnamese Women’s Day… giving gifts to this female boss is considered a beautiful cultural feature. It is an unwritten law that everyone must know. Not only that, choosing to buy gifts for female bosses also shows that you are a caring and caring person.

In the office work environment in particular, this is one of the very important things to help you get the respect of your colleagues. In addition, a gift for a female boss is an expression of the giver’s thoughtful and respectful heart.

buy meaningful female boss gifts

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