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No matter what the gift is, the neat, polite and luxurious form will partly make a big impression on the boss. Therefore, pay attention to the form of the gift, so that your boss can feel your thoughtfulness and precious heart.

Tips for you to buy meaningful and touching gifts for your male boss

The boss is the person who guides and guides you in the agency or company; is the person who has shown the way, step in work as well as working experience for you. Likewise, you should buy a gift for a male boss who moves to a higher position or when his boss moves to another job. Gifts show that you are a person of heart, showing respect and gratitude to the boss who is about to change your job. And gifts for male boss who change job will instead send thank you to your boss in the most complete way With many options, how to find the right male boss gift ; show your heart? Phuc Tuong Gold would like to suggest the following luxurious and meaningful gold-plated male boss gifts:

  • Gift for male boss to change job: Feng shui gold-plated tiger statue

We often know that the tiger is the lord of the jungle, respected by all species. In feng shui, the gold- plated tiger statue has the meaning of luck, bringing fame, fortune and power to the owner. That’s why buying a gift for a male boss, a gold- plated tiger statue, is the first choice that Phuc Tuong Gold wants to send to you.

Meaningful gold-plated Great Cat Golden Tiger for the Year of the Tiger 2022

  • Sailboat gifts – gilded sailboat painting

Sailboat “smooth sailing” is always a symbol of success and convenience in life and work. The boss’s business trip is like a journey to sea; Reaching out to the big sea, I don’t know if it’s smooth, convenient or not? You give your boss this gift as a wish for your boss to always have smooth sailing in each of your journeys; The feng shui gift for the boss is very meaningful. Our products are gold plated, very sophisticated and luxurious, so it will be the most perfect choice as a gift for your boss to transfer for you.

Painting with smooth sailing

Why should you buy a gift for a male boss who moves for a job?

The day the male boss changes work is also a special occasion to give meaningful gifts. Many people think that when the boss moves, there is no need to give gifts to win hearts or make an impression, but this is a very wrong thinking. Because when giving gifts on this day, it is not to create a relationship, but to show gratitude or express affection and gratitude to the person who has contributed and led us through each path.

On the day of the male boss’s job transfer. Through another company or another department or branch, we should give meaningful gifts with both material and spiritual values ​​with wishes of success, luck and convenience in the new job. This will leave the boss’s impression and touch with us after a series of working days together.

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