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When the boss is promoted, the boss’s power will be higher and wider. So people often buy gifts to congratulate their boss on promotion. As a gift for a male or female boss, you can choose a simple but meaningful gift that is a high-class signature pen. The gift-signing pen is a practical boss gift because the boss often has to sign a lot.

Gift to congratulate the boss on promotion: Gold-plated sailboat

Boat symbolism means smooth sailing. Therefore, the gift of a gilded sailboat is the first choice that people tend to. And these are also the wishes that the giver wants to send. Promotion gift will become extremely meaningful because of its special meaning. Hope the recipient will have smooth sailing, all business is always favorable and lucky.

picture of a boat with smooth sailing

Gift for the boss to get promoted: Dragon fish painting

According to folklore, there is a legend that the carp crossed the dance floor and turned into a dragon. Fish is an animal that has a will, perseverance, perseverance, efforts to achieve dreams. Therefore, the symbol of the carp crossing the dance to turn into a dragon brings the meaning of success, fortune and prosperity to the owner. Refer to the picture of an old arowana fish .

Buy the most meaningful male boss farewell gift

Congratulations to the boss on promotion: Sticks Nhu Y

Gold-plated Nhu Y stick is a feng shui object in the house; Bring luck to the family, bring great sand, great benefits to the owner. It also brings progress, good luck in the career path, and favorable business. The Nhu Y stick is gilded and attached with jade to represent sand and gas, neutralize weapons, bring more power, luck, and money. The meaning of the product is true to the name “Nhu Y”; It means wishing to see, all wishes and success will be achieved. In addition, the weapon also has the meaning of praying for sustainable stability, being satisfied with what is available.

Gold-plated wish-fulfilling stick

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