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All that you are thinking is not a smart choice! Below, the forerunners will reveal to you from AZ how to choose luxury, genuine, good-priced boss farewell gifts and leave a lot of good impressions with your old boss. Consult now!

Suggestions for farewell gifts for gilded male boss

Before learning to buy farewell gifts for male bosses; You should take the time to find out what your boss’s interests are. Do not choose gifts that are not age appropriate; or gifts that are not suitable for them, in accordance with feng shui.

If you choose a gift in a casual way, there are rules and it doesn’t come from your gratitude and respect for them. Surely, this will make the recipient feel uncomfortable and unfriendly. In particular, choosing a gift must match the boss’s age and interests; At the same time, it must match feng shui, bring luck and success to them.

  • Dragon painting – feng shui dragon statue

Gold inlaid dragon painting model 1

Gold inlaid dragon painting model 1

Golden feng shui dragon statue

Dragon is a sacred animal, representing boundless power, the head of all species. Many people will use dragon-shaped items to attract strong vitality, bring sand, and dispel bad omens.

According to feng shui, this beast symbolizes authority, carrying in him endless energy from heaven and earth. Giving the Dragon symbol as a wish that your boss retires will always have a lot of luck, fortune, and good health.

  • Sailboat gifts – gilded sailboat painting

Painting with smooth sailing Gifts of gilded sailboats – High-class sailboat model

Sailboat “smooth sailing” is always a symbol of success and convenience in life and work. This is a meaningful gift to say goodbye to your boss; Wishing always happiness, peace, everything is smooth sailing. In addition to the meaning of feng shui, our products are plated with gold, very sophisticated and luxurious with high aesthetics to decorate living space.

  • The Scepter of All Things Wishes

The Nhu Y stick symbolizes the attainment of prosperity in the practice of feng shui. It is a feng shui object that brings luck, great sand, great benefits to the owner. It also brings progress, good luck in the career path, and favorable business. The gold-plated Nhu Y Stick model represents sand and gas, dissolving weapons, bringing much power, luck, and money. The meaning of the product is true to the name “Nhu Y”; It means wishing to see, all wishes and success will be achieved. In addition, the weapon also has the meaning of praying for sustainable stability, being satisfied with what is available.

24k gold plated cane model

24k gold plated cane model

  • Arowana painting inlaid with gold – Year of friendship

Arowana has a long body, wide antennae, large scales, and fierce shape. It is said that the arowana is the embodiment of the dragon. Leaving the arowana in the house will increase the majesty of the owner, the ace of the selfish petty person and raise the level of destiny for the person who receives more prosperity.

Due to the large scales, large fins stacked in many layers, the ancients thought they were like gold coins stacked on top of each other. Therefore, decorating arowana statue in the house will help the recipient to have more fortune and prosperity.

Arowana painting inlaid with 24k gold

Arowana painting inlaid with 24k gold will be a suitable gift for your boss; both as a decoration to create unique and luxurious accents and have a very good feng shui meaning.

  • Paintings of the nine fishes of the assembly covered with gold leaf

The story “Carp overcame a dragon to turn into a dragon” talks about the image of a carp, the mascot that has overcome 3 levels of fierce waves to transform into the most noble dragon species, capable of calling rain and calling the wind.

Therefore, carp is considered a symbol of success and fulfillment. People who do business or mandarin will love to own the carp symbol; The sacred mascot has the ability to banish miasma and bring luck, success and happiness.

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